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Delinda by KenshjnPark

Hi! I think I'd only change/add 2 things to it:
1- The part of the tail that is on the left side of the picture doesn't look to connect with the part that is on the right side. It seems that there's a little jump between both parts right behind the body. I would retouch the first one, as I think the last part of the tail is in a good position. Anyway, think that the movement of the tail suggests the movement of the whole figure, so she looks like turning to be backward. If it were the opposite (she was backward and turning to face us) then the tail doesn't follow the movement. But just positioning the tail like the curve that it suggests that is making it will be fine.
2- This is only a personal appreciation, but I think I would suggested more the legs to avoid make her look like she has no legs. There's much blank space there.
But it still looks fantastic. I really love the expression on her face. Hope you'll find all this words positively. And continue doing fine pieces like this!
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