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Triple E Comic - Chapter I - The Arrival by Bonds-webComic

I found it interesting in general. The story looks good and I have nothing bad to say about it. The drawings needs your technical impro...

Delinda by KenshjnPark

Hi! I think I'd only change/add 2 things to it: 1- The part of the tail that is on the left side of the picture doesn't look to connect...


Probably no more anatomy drawings in the next two weeks. I'll be very busy with two paintings for a museum on Carboniferous era Araucaria trees (strange subject!).
Some more leg anatomy by Almayer
Some more leg anatomy
Another study of the leg. This time I've added more female legs to compare with male ones. There are lots of landmarks in the male body compared to female's. More roundness everywhere, very beautiful shapes. The four studies in the right side are female legs of different level of sport development.

Names and comments in english this time.

Tried (while drawing) to have in mind something that I read in a book of Robert Beverly Hale years ago: Mostly every line in the contour of a figure drawing is convex. Even if it looks concave.

Old masters drawings are very illustrative on that.
More leg and knee anatomy by Almayer
More leg and knee anatomy
More studies done today.

This time I've added two female legs to see the difference with male legs clearly. That "V" shape in the vastus lateralis is something that confuses me a lot as the leg it's not depicted in these positions in the books I have. What the **** is that V? Is part of the tensor of the fascia lata or is it the shape of the vastus lateralis? I'll keep studying pictures!

Hope you like them.

**edit: The "V" is part of the shape of the vastus lateralis. The iliotibial band goes over that part of the quadriceps but is not visible most of the time, except when you're standing and the balance is displaced to one leg, then the band clearly draws a vertical line in the side of the thigh. I finally get to know it by looking to several bodybuilder leg pictures!
Upper leg anatomy - fascia lata in motion poses by Almayer
Upper leg anatomy - fascia lata in motion poses
I've spent part of the evening trying to clarify to myself how the tensor of the fascia lata and the fascia lata itself are placed in a bent leg in action (instead of the typical "soldier" frontal pose), so did this, copying from several pictures I found on the internet.

I think this is a very difficult part of the body to draw from imagination (at least for me!). The iliotibial band really affects the general appearance of the volume of the area, especially on the vastus lateralis of the quadriceps, when the leg is lifted or in flexion (is very different when it is at rest, up on the left side, but it is visible in well developed legs like the one depicted. Even in this pose it "divides" the muscle behind a little).

Hope you have no problem with the names of the muscles, even if they're in spanish. To someone familiar with human anatomy it will be no problem, I suppose.

Guess these drawings have been useful. I really didn't had this volumen and forms in my mind to put them over paper without a reference. Hopefully I've learned a little today.
Garcia Lopez Superman Anatomy by Almayer
Garcia Lopez Superman Anatomy
A really difficult one, these foreshortenings aren't easy, but it was a great practice. Lot of construction lines in the rib cage and interesting arm areas with a lot of muscles interacting.
Garcia Lopez Batman Anatomy by Almayer
Garcia Lopez Batman Anatomy
I'm not happy with this one, I did not get the exact torsión movement of the figure as drawn originally, it's a little static. But the foreshortening in the legs was interesting.
Garcia Lopez Flash Anatomy by Almayer
Garcia Lopez Flash Anatomy
After updating my knowledge in anatomy, I've decided to try to get the anatomy in some García-López drawings. After drawing them I think is not the better way to improve, just because I'm copying something that is already "filtered" by someone, even if I love the way he draw them. Think I'm going to continue with studies on real people photos.

This one is from a Flash drawing. It was interesting for me the bent leg and its knee, and the shoulders area too. I find a little strange the way he resolved legs in general, they look great, but I'm not totally sure they're absolutely correct. But I guess it has to work, it doesn't matter if it's perfect, just gotta look perfect or believable. He's really a modern master!
As I told before, I was studying some anatomy from Vilppu's books and vídeos and I'm already ending. Refreshed a lot my knowledge and learned a lot more. Hope it'll help drawing figures from now on!
Copy from Raphael's Three Graces sketch by Almayer
Copy from Raphael's Three Graces sketch
An old copy I've already found from a drawing made by this great master. I drew it during my university's third year, in 1999. Sanguine over paper.


Almayer's Profile Picture
David Cabeza
Artist | Professional | Varied
I'm drawing since childhood, so after I finished high school I studied Fine Arts in Seville, my hometown. I majored in painting, and I'm working as a graphic and web designer, illustrator and cartoonist for a small local company. Very fond of manga, I love the electric guitar, the gym and jogging. And Star Wars!

Here you'll find mainly old works from my time at university, and new paintings and drawings made on traditional or digital media.


Please visit my Wordpress page (spanish only, in english soon...):
As I told before, I was studying some anatomy from Vilppu's books and vídeos and I'm already ending. Refreshed a lot my knowledge and learned a lot more. Hope it'll help drawing figures from now on!

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Welcome to :iconteen-gohan-fans:! :D
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I would love to feature some of your work in my freshly opened group. Its specialised on high detailed military illustrations and it will host only the finest deviations and will gather some of the most talented artists.

I sent the requests. You have to confirm them.

You are also warmly invited to join.

Do you think you can upload the versions focused on singles soldiers of these:……

If you happen to do others or other historical art pls. submit it to my group.


afwfan-2 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unreal mate. Just bloody unreal and awesome.

Your talent is phenomenal.

And I don't just mean whatever innate gift you have. I'd guess there has also been a lot of practice..

Whatever the balance, the result is incredible and your work is outstanding.

Please keep it up and good luck with everything you do now and in future.

No excuse me while I go away to feel inadequate after looking at your gallery.  ;)
Almayer Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thank you very much for your kind words. It's been a lot of practice but I'll be sincere: I'm very lazy. I mean that I should have been doing a lot more practice instead of wasting so much time all my life. I'm conscious I have had good abilities since child but my evolution is poor because of that lazyness. It is my shame. I don't have the will needed to be a great illustrator. I'll keep working and maybe someday I'll be whorty of your words.
So, about your work I encourage you to continue working with strong passion if you really love art and believe in what you do. Your gallery is not inadequate ;)
Thanks again!
Kymbo71 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Love Love Love !!! Your page, awesome inspiration, i have just started with Manga Studio with the Inking,
and i think iam getting the hang of it, would you, or do you, colour with Mana Studio or with Photoshop ??
Iam thinking of trying to go with MS to keep it all simple etc 
Enjoyed finding your page ! Cheers ! Kymbo
Almayer Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Professional General Artist
I use Corel Painter or Photoshop for colour. I have not tried MS for coloring. It would keep it simple, but I think PS or Corel Painter are still better than MS for the coloring process (think that PS is the standard in comic book coloring). But with inks… it's really fantastic!

Thank you for visiting my page and for the faves too!
Kymbo71 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I will have a look at Corel Painter, thank you for the reply ! Cheers
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:) Spectacular Legs, specially Elena! Thanks for watching me too!
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